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From: Venkata Ramana
Subject: The Ultimate Done-For-You Service

Dear Internet Marketer,

Let me get straight to the point. Building an online business can be an extremely complex task that can take years over years of grueling, exhausting work.

Only a few super dedicated people are truly successful online... And they have 1 single thing in common. More about it soon...

Building a highly profitable online business involves understanding HTML, website creation, copywriting, graphic design, traffic generation and so much more.

Yet, who have the time to learn it all?

Most Successful Marketers 'Hack' Their Way Into An Instant Success!

Most successful marketers online, the ones that make 5, 6 and 7 figures, do this 1 simple thing. That is OUTSOURCING.

You see, there is no way under the sun you'll be able to manage every tiny aspect of your business. You may be good at a market research, but not as good in graphic design. Would it be then a good idea to create your very own ecover graphic that looks "not that professional"?

Or better to delegate this work to an experienced graphic designer that already did 500 ecover graphics in the past? What's the better choice?

With outsourcing, you can delegate the things you don't excel in and focus on money-making activities - like recruiting new affiliates and traffic generation.


Here's The Dirty,
Little Truth About Outsourcing

Most outsourcing companies found on various freelance websites are a complete waste of the time. Especially for creating for you a fully optimized, done-for-you, online business.

The reason is EXPERIENCE.

You see, most outsourcing companies have no idea how to build a truly automated, lucrative online business that spits money for you every single day.

Why? Because they never did it THEMSELVES!

Let me introduce you to my:
Dream Team

Our team actually understands how to build highly profitable online businesses because we did it many times, over and over again!

Here's some proof:

In our latest 2 launches we generated $15,428.63 in revenue, with insanely high conversion rates!

Our dream team is a remarkable group of people with over 10 years of internet marketing experience. We worked with over 300 clients and 25+ multi-millionaires! We understand how to build instant money making machines that you won't even need to touch after it's all set up!

Done-For-You Online Business Creation Service
FORGET ABOUT spending endless hours in confusing HTML, CSS & Javascript
FORGET ABOUT trying to figure out the latest Wordpress plugin
FORGET ABOUT creating your very own product
FORGET ABOUT learning a ridiculously complex Photoshop program
Imagine, Having A Fully Set Up, Highly Optimized, Done-For-You Online Business That Is Literally A Money-Making Machine... Without You Doing Any Work!
All You'll Have To Do Is Just Send Traffic To It, And It Will Spit The Money Directly Into Your Paypal Account

Here's what you'll get:
A Brand-New, Hot Information Product
Imagine tapping into a highly lucrative niche (selected by us) with a 100% unique ebook written by our US-BASED writers. We ensure top-level quality that will absolutely amaze your new customers!?

Up To 7 Top-Notch Video Trainings
Not only will you get a professional ebook, but also 7 professional videos to build an outstanding value for your product. That means you'll be able to charge more for it and make EVEN MORE money!?

High-Converting Sales Letter
Our team of talented copywriters will craft for you a super seductive, money-pulling sales letters that CONVERT LIKE CRAZY. LISTEN: conversions are everything in online business, and we will do our absolute best to make you the most amount of money possible!

A Hypnotic, Conversion-Boosting Sales Video
Imagine getting a professional, response-driven sales video to boost your conversion rates even more! Most gurus use videos to sell their products because it just WORKS.

Stellar-Quality Graphics
Our gifted designers will create for you an eye-popping header graphics, footer graphics, headline graphics, add to cart button graphics and ecover graphics. We will do all the hard work for you to make your product look absolutely SLICK & SEXY!

Yet, That's Not All! If You Act TODAY, You'll Also Receive Some Of The Proven Marketing Tools To Help You Get An Endless Stream Of Hungry Visitors Eager To Buy Your Product!
8 Professional Banners
Let your affiliates promote your product absolutely hands-free! These banners were carefully designed to bring you more clicks that you could ever imagine!

5 Relationship-Building Autoresponder Emails
These powerful autoresponder emails will help you to build almost "a magical bond" with your new prospects and turn them quickly (and automatically) into paid customers.

List-Building Squeeze Page
As you may know by now, building a list can be one of the most crucial aspects in your business. With your brand-new, highly optimized squeeze page, you'll be able to quickly, and effortlessly, build a massive list to bring you money month after month!

Giveaway Gift
Giving a free gift to your brand new subscribers is a great way to build an instant bond and convert them into raving customers. We'll prepare for you a very valuable free report to pre-sell your new subscribers.

Done-For-You Thank You Page
It's all done-for-you again!

10 Top-Quality PLR Articles
Our professional team of US-based writers will create for you 10 extremely valuable, information packed articles that you can use for your marketing.

Viral Twitter Posts
Twitter can be a great way to drive instant traffic and make it easy for affiliates to promote your product?

Facebook Images
Create an instant authority on Facebook with a professional, viral-traffic-generating Facebook timeline cover.

Full-Blown Affiliate Page
This affiliate page is filled with amazing "affiliate magnets" & affiliate tools. Affiliate page is an absolute must if you want to attract these top A-level affiliates. Now it's done-for-you!


Wow! Incredible, huh?
Here's Exactly What You'll Get:
What You'll Receive...
MODULE #1 - A Brand-New, Hot Information Product
MODULE #2 - Up To 7 Top-Notch Video Trainings
MODULE #3 - High-Converting Sales Letter
MODULE #4 - A Hypnotic, Conversion-Boosting Sales Video
MODULE #5 - Stellar-Quality Graphics
MODULE #6 - 8 Professional Banners
MODULE #7 - 5 Relationship-Building Autoresponder Emails
MODULE #8 - List-Building Squeeze Page
MODULE #9 - Giveaway Gift
MODULE #10 - Done-For-You Thank You Page
MODULE #11 - 10 Top-Quality PLR Articles
MODULE #12 - Facebook Image
MODULE #13 - Viral Twitter Posts
MODULE #14 - Full-Blown Affiliate Page
Total Value Today
That Brings A Total Value Of

Yet you won't need to pay that.

We Worked With 25+ Multi-Millionaires Online, Here's What They Have To Say:
"Became An Instant Bestseller"
These guys are brilliant! I love their work! The products they did for me became an instant bestsellers. I can't say enough good words about this "Dream Team".

Ewen Chia
"I'm Very Impressed..."
I've been working with Venkata Ramana and his outsourcing team for some time now. I'm very impressed by attention to the detail, quick delivery and an on-going communication. Thumbs up!

Anik Singal
"They Actually Care About Your Results"
What can I say? I used Venkata's services for many of my projects and he never disappointed me. This is not another outsourcing company you may have hired before, they actually care about your results. And always deliver on time. Don't delay and grab your spot now. I know I will.

Joe Vitale
Other Marketers We've
Worked With:

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Venkata Ramana

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